Her advice and teaching on effectively managing emotions whilst recognising and dealing with different personality types in is invaluable

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Introducing Ros Taylor

Whether it’s motivating a room of your staff, helping you unleash a hitherto hidden creative side or boosting the leaderships skills of your managers, Ros Taylor brings out the best in people.

Perhaps that’s why she’s in demand around the world as a coach, speaker and advisor.

A Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience, Ros is a visiting professor at Strathclyde Business School. She’s also a respected writer, TV and radio presenter and an expert in the field of psychometrics. Ranked as one of the UK’s top ten coaches by the Independent on Sunday, Ros uses her expertise not just to transform individuals, but also to develop and direct business cultures for the better.

Creativity At Work book

Ros demonstrates in her latest book, creativity can benefit every business. Packed with insights, advice and case studies from companies as diverse as Innocent Smoothie and retail giants Asda, Creativity At Work brings the latest creative theories and practices to the business world.

Based on comprehensive research and over a thousand interviews, Ros allows you to explore what creativity is and how to unleash creativity in both your business and personal life.

Creativity At Work is already proving to be a hit with business leaders, who say it resonates with them in a way they never thought possible.

Explore and unleash your creative side – you’ll be surprised by how it can benefit your business.

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Creativity at Work
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What We Do

Transforming your business starts with transforming the people in it. Ros listens, interprets and understands the strategic objectives of your business, and then uses this information to develop the individuals who will deliver them in line with business needs. She works with them to enhance the skills they need to deliver the personal performance that your business needs from them.

Whether it’s a case of boosting confidence, enhancing skills, releasing creativity or helping your managers become the leaders your business deserves, Ros enables people to make the most of their talents. She equips them with the confidence and skills to enhance their day-to-day work.

Whether it’s an inspiring and informative interactive workshop, one-to-one coaching or a motivational speech to a larger group, Ros’ approach will help enliven your team and invigorate your company.

Just Leadership

Just LeadershipLacklustre leadership is bad for business. Yet an overwhelming number of people claim that the managers they have to work with or deal with on a daily basis lack leadership knowledge.

Just Leadership is just what it says – it’s all about leadership. It explores the ins and outs of what makes a good leader and equips delegates to put their ideas into action immediately.

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One2One Executive Coaching

One2One Executive CoachingEncourage your team to realise their full potential – and that of your business. Individual coaching helps hone skills and move forward with confidence.

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Ros' expertise in the area of psychometrics can help you get more from your team by helping them indentify their strengths and see how best to play to them. Ros draws on several established approaches, many of which she has developed for the demands of the business world.

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Corporate Coach International

Your coaching career deserves a great start…Whether you’re looking to change your career and move into coaching, or simply want to hone your skills so that you can offer your employer more, it makes sense to learn your craft from an expert.

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  • "Challenges the traditional definition of creativity and highlights how firms are stifling ideas and innovation at a time when it's vital for UK businesses to foster a creative environment in order to stay afloat."

    (The Online Recruitment Resource 2013-06-06)
  • "I experienced Ros as a very professional, personal coach. I profited enormously from the time I spent with her. Ros has the great talent to let you understand that you need to change and at the same time increase your confidence.

    The team building sessions we had with Ros were very well received by the members of my staff. Ros was very inspiring and was also able to involve the more introverted and shy persons of our team.

    So I can only give the most positive feedback about Ros and would recommend her to any person interested in team building and personal coaching sessions."

    Julian Bertschinger of Covagen
    (Masterclasses and executive coaching)
  • "I found the approach taken in here was more insightful and innovative and turned lots of things on their head for me. Having evidence and stories to support certain approaches were also helpful as well as being able to categorise my leadership style"

    Gemma Woodall
  • "The overall structure, models and breakout sessions enabled me to re-evaluate my goals and objectives versus the dynamics of my personality and characteristics"

    Andrew Robinson
    RWE Npower
  • "Excellent, thought provoking, and to be recommended"

    Lynda Newton
    The Anthony Roper School

About Ros

Constantly in demand as a coach, speaker and psychometric expert around the world, Ros is also a renowned writer, author and presenter. Her radio and TV credits cover all major channels, from BBC and beyond. She’s a respected academic and visiting professor at Strathclyde Business School.

Ros’ extensive research, numerous interviews with CEOs and finely honed business acumen mean that she can not only see where things can be improved, she can equip people with the confidence and skills to make those changes.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading psychologists, she has devised numerous programmes, workshops and courses that get real world results.

Ros has also been named one of the UK’s top ten coaches by The Independent on Sunday, thanks to her unique style and ability to get results.

Warm, approachable and people focussed, Ros has an inherent talent for transforming people into the best version of them possible. Her ability to make life-long friends in the process demonstrates her engaging personality. Her professional contact book, meanwhile, is testament not only to her impressive track record but also to her flair for networking and ability to make a real contribution to most discussions.

And getting the best results possible.

Ros Taylor


Ros has published 5 books to date, as well as contributing to numerous top magazines and national newspapers. She’s as effective on the page as she is in person, with readers citing tangible results and her accessible style as key reasons why her books work for them.

About the books…

Confidence At Work

Confidence comes from a mix of ingredients – and the recipe that works for one person may not be right for you. In this book, Ros helps you identify what matters to your mix and helps you create the recipe that works for you.

Fast Track to the Top

This insightful and accessible book explores the skills, backgrounds, attitudes and habits of high-achievers ranging from Rocco Forte to Stella Rimmington. It’s an essential guidebook to achieving long term success whatever area you’re in.

Creativity At Work

Based on a groundbreaking study of over a thousand people, Ros’ latest book shows you how to harness your creative side to get ahead in business.

Confidence in Just 7 Days

Written to accompany Ros’ successful Confidence Lab TV show, this seven-day confidence plan aims to help you achieve self-confidence in just one week. Packed with tips, insights and real-life scenarios, it helps you handle those moments of doubt and project a level of confidence you never thought possible.

The Ultimate Book of Confidence Tricks

Feeling nervous? Dip into this handy guide for an instant confidence boost. This book is packed with tips and hints that will help you overcome your nerves – and look like you’ve never suffered from them.

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your Brain and Make your Ideas Stick

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your BRain and Make your Ideas Stick
Based on a groundbreaking study...

£ 13.49


Confidence at Work:
Get It Feel It Keep It

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your BRain and Make your Ideas Stick
Confidence comes from a mix of ingredients...

£ 10.99


Fast Track to the Top: 10 Skills for Career Success

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your BRain and Make your Ideas Stick
This insightful and accessible book explores...

£ 28.93


7 Days to Confidence: Practical Strategies to Transform Your Life

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your BRain and Make your Ideas Stick
A guide to personal self-improvement

£ 11.70


The Ultimate Book Of Confidence Tricks

Creativity at Work: Supercharge Your BRain and Make your Ideas Stick
Boost your confidence to an all time high

£ 8.99




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Business leaders 'should encourage creativity'

Business leaders should encourage creativity among their workforces...


70% of UK firms don't encourage creativity in the workplace

...according to research carried out by top UK business coach...


Creativity at work is vital for UK economy

Creativity in the workplace is critical to enable businesses to survive...


Are you ready to lead effectively?

Master the skills needed for effective leadership.


Don’t be ignored!

I have worked with many groups of women over the years and none more senior than an IT female network last week. These spirited, illustrious women admitted to a crises of confidence, feelings of isolation and frustration as they are ignored in meetings with male colleagues and continually undermined.

This week- another group of senior outspoken young women admitted to feelings of inadequacy when in overwhelmingly male meetings.  With comments such as ‘I feel stranded’ ‘I’m immediately shut down when I speak out and question’ ‘I just can’t speak the language of male’

Some women of course don’t feel this way and achieve high office with apparent ease but for many it’s still a trial by fire. With increased numbers of young women coming through the ranks this problem may gradually disappear but many are definitely struggling now. So some aid is required and quickly.

Recent research reported this year reveals that contrary to what we might think ignoring others emerged as more damaging than direct harassment. Compared with those who had experienced harassment, those being ignored felt more inclined to quit their job, less connection to their job and had a greater number of health problems.

Now I don’t think men waken up each morning, thinking about how many women they can undermine and ignore each day but make no mistake that’s what they are doing. To counter any tendencies in this direction, Fujitsu has instituted male sponsors who are enabling women to get to the top and supporting them while they are there. Helping women develop skills of confidence, tough-mindedness, chairmanship and presentation of ideas all help to equip senior women for the sometimes lonely road ahead.

Below are some of my top tips honed over the years of helping women reach the top of the tree.

  • When you question male decisions make sure you deal with the positives first and only then talk about your concerns. You may have the best idea or feel that you have right on your side but deliver it in a context of approbation and you are more likely to get buy in.
  • When your male colleagues ignore, you talk more loudly till they don’t. Good leaders of course listen but try not to remind them of that too often.
  • Become user friendly with a relaxed response to adversity: if adversarial, you increase the chances of losing. Men are simply better at aggression.
  • Volunteer for things no-one else wants to do and make a success of it.
  • Speak up about your ideas and find interesting ways of bringing them up repeatedly till you get heard.
  • Make it your life’s work to help other women to take positions beside you.

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