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Leadership development is ongoing; leadership and learning are indispensable. No matter your skill level, we can help you achieve the next step. This customised programme will enable fast trackers and existing leaders to reach the highest levels of leadership, inspiring them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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At RTC, we believe that any manager or senior executive has the potential to become an even more effective leader.

Through a series of monthly sessions or a shorter programme of master classes, Just Leadership TM empowers the talent that already exists within your organisation to develop greater resilience to deal with business challenges and become more innovative in their approach to problem solving and inspiring teams.

Our programmes are tailored to meet your needs. Choose from a range including: Confident leadership, Making Presentations to Win Business, Handling Challenging People and The Creative Leader…or let us tailor a programme to help achieve your goals.

We work on a personal level with senior managers which, in the end, results in helping their organisation grow. In essence, improving the bottom line through better individual leadership performance.

Monthly Sessions

Comprising 6 to 12 modules, the Just Leadership programme is delivered on a monthly basis. Ideal for bigger organisations, they will transform good intentions into lasting behaviour change leading to outstanding company performance. A focus group may be used to identify needs and goals in advance of the programme. Together we formulate objectives and determine key performance indicators. The programme is bespoked accordingly.

One day a month can transform your organisation’s leadership – you’ll find it’s one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

The programme is designed for people who:

  • have a desire to succeed as leaders
  • have been identified as part of succession planning
  • are considered as having the potential to achieve more

Sessions will provide participants with skills and knowledge to:

  • profile and understand their leadership style
  • lead with vision and strategy
  • embrace diversity
  • develop a creative environment
  • manage risk
  • create a positive team and organisation
  • become comfortable with their power as a leader
  • gain insight into themselves and others
  • be inspirational and lead with pizzazz

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“I have grown, moved away from an inward looking perspective to a wider view of people and the world.  I did not believe at the beginning of the journey that it would have this level of impact.  A lot of the changes and learning have been subtle, almost imperceptible, although when I look back and review, it is surprising how many decisions have been connected or related to the ‘Just Leadership’ process.  I have a new level of confidence.”

Tony Lunt Director NHS