Bring out the best in your aspiring leaders

Turn lasting behaviour change into outstanding company performance

While researching her book ‘Fast Track to the Top’, Ros Taylor interviewed 80 CEOs and senior directors. She asked, ‘What attributes most strongly and repeatedly emerge as the definers of board directorship? The answers became the basis for this programme which can be tailored for your organisation or run as a series of masterclasses.

JUST LEADERSHIP® gives aspiring leaders across your organisation the self-awareness and skills to make full use of their abilities, so they can make a defining contribution to your success.

Who should attend the programme?

Those who:

  • have a desire to succeed as leaders.
  • have been identified as part of succession planning
  • are considered as having the potential to achieve more
  • have recently been promoted into a leadership position
  • have a recently expanded leadership remit

We also offer a dedicated programme aimed specifically at the WOMEN AS LEADERS® within your business.

What makes JUST LEADERSHIP® a game-changer for your organisation?

  • Empower your aspiring leaders: Help them develop greater resilience to deal with business challenges and become more innovative in their approach to problem-solving and inspiring teams.
  • Release the latent potential: This programme gives your high-performing individuals the tools to navigate leadership challenges with skill and confidence.
  • Nurture your stars: Those who feel challenged and rewarded are less likely to leave, and of course are more productive and profitable.
  • The ripple effect: Teach your future leaders to lead creatively, knowledgeably and empathetically. Let them be a positive example for the rest of your organisation.

What advantages will JUST LEADERSHIP® give your senior managers?

  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding of their own leadership style and those of others
  • Greater confidence
  • Stronger strategic capabilities
  • Handling difficult people and situations skilfully
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Strong skills relating and communicating with others
  • An ability to manage stress
  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Understanding the art of team-building

What is the format of the programme?

JUST LEADERSHIP® can be run as a tailored programme or a series of Masterclasses. It is ideal for larger organisations looking to turn lasting behaviour change into outstanding company performance.

Tailored courses begin with a focus group to identify needs and goals in advance of the programme. Together we formulate objectives and KPIS to evaluate the success of the programme.

Then participants benefit from:

  • An executive level 360° assessment from relevant colleagues, managers and directors. Psychometric analysis and a one-to-one session with an RTC coach to discuss the results
  • Followed by 8 x monthly group sessions with peers from the organisation
  • Interspersed with monthly individual coaching sessions from a personal coach who has been matched to each individual’s skillsets, location or aspirations.

Find out more

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