The impact of leadership on investments

Due diligence for optimum performance

Leadership has a seismic impact on performance. Retaining, fostering and securing talent is crucial to high-growth businesses. Often there’s a need to scale up quickly after investment. Who in the incumbent team has the rock solid management skills to lead this growth? Or, post-merger who will work well together? If you’re dealing with remote teams outsourcing tech around the globe, do your UK leaders have the skills to manage those remote teams either through technology or across different time zones?

These are all questions currently prompting our clients to use the Leader as Coach programme as a condition of investment. It’s a concrete way to create some quality assurances around the strength of leadership within organisation, and an opportunity to extend due diligence to include the profit linked to the people within the business.

As you’d expect from RTC, clear benchmarks and robust evaluation measures are an important part of our reporting.

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