Leader as Coach™

Create a coaching culture using your best people

Anyone who’s had the benefit of business or leadership coaching knows it’s a game-changer.

But being a one-to-one activity it’s usually the preserve of the lucky few. And yet business coaching skills are more in demand than ever before. The current business climate is throwing us unprecedented levels of change, the Millennial workforce want job satisfaction but not as we know it, while technology continues to create as many social challenges as it solves. One sure-fire way to fix these problems is from within.

Who should become a coach?

Leader as Coach™ offers senior managers and team leaders the opportunity to add a globally recognised business coaching qualification to their professional skills’ base. The course has been designed by Ros to give managers the questions, tools and confidence to coach and strengthen their teams from within. A natural by-product is that in transforming the careers of others, they will undoubtedly transform their own. Coaching is widely recognised as a key leadership skill.

The difference – a whole person approach

The person you are in work is shaped by the person you are outside work. Leader as Coach™ teaches managers to look 360° at the whole picture. All too often buried behind poor performance is a source of stress that no one has taken the time to understand. Leader as Coach™ helps managers foster talent and remove stumbling blocks to build highly motivated teams.

An ILM accredited business coaching qualification

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, Leader as Coach™ provides a stimulating environment for leaders to develop their personal coaching style using proven psychological tools and best practice methods and tools. Participants will be given a Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), plus a Learning Type and RTC Executive 360° assessment to help them understand their own core strengths. The result: a course with the power to transform the career of the coach as well as the individuals they go on to manage.

Create a coaching culture

Keep your best people by helping them manage their career journey.
Strengthen working relationships within your teams.
Manage the challenge of ambitious Millennials.
Evidence your commitment to a culture of skill and talent.
Give your leaders the skills to build strong relationships.

Key learnings 

Leader as Coach™ participants can work from ILM Level 2 through to ILM Level 7 certification by learning about: 

  • The Six Principles of Corporate Coaching
  • The ITEA model of behavioural change
  • Blocks and barriers to coaching and mentoring
  • Recognising business coaching opportunities
  • Evaluating coaching
  • The CREATE model of coaching
  • Analysing career drivers
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Changing thought processes
  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • The 5 steps for handling challenging people
  • Personality and behavioural analysis
  • Strategic leadership skills

Full details for Workshop dates and download notes coming soon…

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