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Business coaching for senior managers and Board Directors

This is a high level, individual, one-to-one coaching programme in which we identify personal strengths and development needs. Working together we create a plan with measurable outcomes to improve leadership effectiveness. When you’re at the top of your game it’s easy to lose perspective. ONE2ONE EXECUTIVE® coaching will get you on a winning track where your influence and new-found momentum start to make a real difference to how you operate your business. In turn, you should find the profitability and productivity of your teams will organically follow suit – that’s how powerful good leadership can be.

Who will gain the most from ONE2ONE EXECUTIVE® coaching?

Senior level managers and board directors facing new, or exceptional challenges:

  • Anyone moving into a senior role requiring an expanded repertoire of skills
  • Newly promoted board members
  • Those taking on the position of CEO
  • Senior or board level managers with an expanded team or responsibilities
  • Senior or board level managers dealing with conflict, mergers, redirected strategy or those charged with bringing teams together.

What is the format?

  • Stakeholder interviews with HR or sponsors to discuss aims of the coaching engagement 
  • Executive level 360° assessment from relevant colleagues and board directors
  • Psychometric analysis and one-to-one session with an RTC coach to discuss the results
  • A GAP analysis identifying areas for improvement
  • 6, 8 or 12 one-to-one sessions exploring the skills needed for high-level leadership
  • Reflective study and practice using a proprietary workbook as an aid to learning.

Leadership advantages typically gained through ONE2ONE EXECUTIVE®

Your senior executives and identified leadership talent will gain:

  • Confidence and self-awareness, the building blocks for progression.
  • A clear understanding of career drivers.
  • Improved capability for strategic leadership
  • Skills to handle difficult people and situations skilfully.
  • Knowledge of leadership style.
  • Creative problem-solving.
  • Greater capacity for taking risks.
  • Relating to others.
  • Using your power as a leader well.

What makes this approach so powerful? 

  • Clear objectives and a path for progress identified through sponsor interviews and GAP analysis at the start.
  • All learning, tools and techniques subscribe to the highest standards of scientific rigour and represent evidenced best practice.
  • The RTC approach looks at the whole person. Work/life balance, health and personal goals are understood alongside work goals. We believe matching the two creates truly sustainable behavioural change and super-charges long and fulfilling careers.
  • All coaches are psychologists or professionally accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management. They are hand-picked for their empathy, interpersonal skills and knowledge of business.
  • The secure and supportive environment provided allows senior executives to practice new found skills and work through likely scenarios before applying those skills in real life.
  • Senior executives are notably time poor. Our proprietary 100-page workbook captures key learning and provides an easy reference point for reflection between sessions.

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