Why choose Ros Taylor Company?

The skills to get to the heart of your people

Ros Taylor is one of the UK’s top ten corporate coaches, a Business Professor at Strathclyde University and a Clinical Psychologist. Her clinical skills and perceptive approach, combined with instinctive business acumen have earned her a reputation for getting to the heart of her client’s talents, strengths and stumbling blocks in next to no time.

RTC offers a different style and methodology to other Executive Coaching Companies.  Our approach to coaching is based on the whole person bringing together their goals with the goals of the organisation to create sustainable behaviour change. It’s this careful goal alignment that delivers tangible results for senior executives, management teams and the companies employing them.

“Coaching is a creative process, you’re producing ‘a-ha’ moments of enlightenment and forward movement for people.”

Ros Taylor

Hand-picked coaches

RTC coaches are hand-picked and trained by Ros. They are all either qualified psychologists or business coaches with significant board level experience.

Measurable effectiveness

All learning is measured using qualitative indicators so you can see a tangible return on investment.

Best practice theory

The RTC approach is based on well evidenced methods and techniques.

All courses digitally monitored

All RTC programmes are overseen by Ros using an online dashboard which records individual progress to ensure the highest standards of coaching throughout every engagement.


Just Leadership

Fast track the skills of your leaders

While researching her book ‘Fast Track to the Top’, Ros Taylor interviewed 80 SEOs and senior directors to ask what attributes were most common to successful leaders. The answers provided the basis for this programme.


Women as Leaders

Support women business leaders

Equip the next generation of women leaders with the confidence and skills to navigate challenges, lead teams, and own their success. Support diversity in your organisation with this acclaimed course.


Corporate Coach International

Become a certified executive coach and mentor

RTC’s executive coach training programme, Corporate Coach International, is a highly personal and tailored way to become and executive coach. Graduate with a professional certification to ILM Level 7.


One2One Executive

Inspiration flows from the top

Founded on high-level knowledge and proven best-practice, this six or more, sessions coaching programme is aimed at newly promoted senior or board level managers, and those taking on the position of CEO.


Leader as Coach

Upskill your team

Enable your senior managers to become an in-house corporate coach and inspire your team to greatness. Become an accredited ILM Level 7 Corporate Coach with this inspiring blend of theory, lectures and practical sessions.



Successful assessments

Using a mix of questionnaires appropriate to your business, we will provide you with an in-depth report for individual and team. This is essentially a gap analysis between company vision and current performance.