Minimise risk and optimise your investment

Profiling can be done quickly and remotely

Supporting investment decisions

Increasingly, successful investment decision-makers are extending due diligence beyond law and the balance sheet. If you’re buying a high-tech start-up, for instance, the team may have the technical credibility to get you to the moon and back, but do they have the leadership skills to scale up at pace? If recruiting new team members is on the cards with your investment, what assurances do you have about the expanding team blend? Will rapid change post investment rock the boat for existing team members? Who is leading this change and do they have the leadership experience to do that effectively?

Psychometrics can help you de-risk the process and identify concerns early. Our online tools can be used to measure leadership, personality traits, thinking styles, mental toughness, and resilience. The outcome? A fast, and robust gap analysis to inform and support your decision-making.

Mergers and acquisitions

You’ve looked at IP, systems, and processes but who are you inheriting? What skill sets do they have? Who is and isn’t going to work well together? Optimise your strategy up front to ensure you end up with a combined brilliant team and not a mass exodus of the most valuable people. Or, post-merger or acquisition, give yourself the tools to assess the situation quickly and understand how to re-deploy people.

RTC are happy to comply with NDA agreements and understand the need to move quickly. Let us give you a timely analysis and accurate picture of the teams and key individuals on both sides.

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