A gap analysis between company vision and current performance

Measure the change you want to create

Psychometrics can be used to measure leadership, personality, thinking styles, creativity, mental toughness and resilience. All skills with an important place in the running of today’s workplace.

Using a mixture of these questionnaires appropriate to your business, we can provide you with an in-depth report for both individuals and teams. This give you an overall gap analysis between your company vision and current performance.

To profile individual work strengths, we believe there is no better assessment than the Thomas International Profile. Not only does it outline leadership and management styles but also reveals behaviour under pressure.

Bernice McCarthy’s Learning Type Measure (LTM) is invaluable for understanding how people learn. Knowing how a colleague or client prefers to assimilate information – their learning style – allows a leader or coach to map development to the individual so that it works and works quickly.

To enable leaders to understand their leadership style we use a short version of the famous Myers Briggs assessment tool. The results free leaders from thinking that there is only one way to lead and as a result reinforces that they can be themselves at work- just more skilled.

The RTC 360 leadership assessment gathers together data from boss, colleagues and team about how an individual leads. This is real, on the ground information which complements and validates the other psychometrics. It can be customised to suit an organisation’s leadership priorities.

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