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Build a strong team with the power to succeed

Asking a team to pull in the same direction is a task in itself. Throw into the mix the need to work globally, in a matrix structure, or virtually; reliant on technology and it’s easy to see how teams can struggle to gel or perform well. The bottom line is, being in a team is harder than ever.

TEAM COACHING® is designed for those who work within a team. By identifying different personalities and enabling the team to recognise their own strengths and limitations, TEAM COACHING® with RTC can make a tremendous difference to work skills, camaraderie, loyalty, commitment, and critically, productivity.

What types of teams could benefit from TEAM COACHING®?

  • Teams coming together before or after a merger.
  • Teams facing high levels of conflict due to the complexity of the task or priorities.
  • Teams struggling with priorities and wasting time, effort or money.
  • Teams facing new or exceptional challenges, or tougher targets.
  • Teams struggling to perform under a new or dysfunctional leader.
  • Teams which could benefit from being able to think more creatively.
  • Global or virtual teams scattered in territories around the world and lacking cohesion.
  • Teams where members have multiple reporting lines or face competing priorities and divided loyalties.
  • A new team coming together for the first time.

What makes TEAM COACHING® a game-changer for your organisation?

  • Help individuals recognise their own strengths, limitations, and latent potential.
  • Improve the team’s ability to pull together and achieve extraordinary results.
  • Reduce conflict, stress and complexity during periods of change.
  • Build loyalty and create future leaders.
  • The ripple effect. A high-performing team sets a standard for the actions of others.

What advantages will TEAM COACHING® give your senior teams?

  • Self-awareness: The team will enjoy executive level 360° assessment, psychometric analysis and through coaching will understand their personal team strengths. Confident self-knowledge is the building block for all progress.
  • The skills to cope with change: Do you need to get buy-in from staff scattered in territories all over the world? Are they virtual teams who have never actually met? Bringing them together in a stimulating, structured environment for an intensive period of team coaching can have a remarkable effect on team cohesion and the implementation of best practice across different countries.

What is the format?

This programme begins with an in-depth assessment of the team as a whole. This is important so we can establish objectives and evaluation criterion.

Then participants benefit from:

  • Psychometric testing of individual members and 1:1 in-depth assessment an RTC coach
  • A GAP analysis identifying the areas for improvement
  • 4 x monthly or bimonthly team coaching sessions interspersed with individual coaching as appropriate. The scheduling of the session can of course be tailored to your organisation.


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