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Team Coaching is a programme specifically designed for those who work within a team. The effectiveness of a team’s output and performance can succeed or fail because of team dynamics. By identifying different personalities and enabling the team to recognise their own strengths and limitations, Team Coaching with RTC can make a tremendous difference to work skills, camaraderie, loyalty, commitment and, critically, productivity.


This programme begins with an in-depth assessment of the team as a whole. This is important so we can establish the objectives: ultimately what does the team and therefore the organisation need to get out of the team coaching process?

This enables everything to be benchmarked, measured and the return on investment of the programme calculated. We do this by profiling individuals at the outset and then at completion of the team coaching programme.

Psychometric testing for each team member is carried out in advance, and only then are we ready to start the team coaching itself.

The scheduling of sessions can be tailored to each organisation but an example might be a yearlong programme comprising two or three weekend residential sessions with monthly or bi-monthly team development sessions, interspersed with individual coaching as appropriate.

We also find this programme is incredibly effective for global companies who are going through a period of change and need to get buy-in from staff who are perhaps scattered in territories all over the world. This might be a ‘virtual’ team – individuals who are in email contact but have never actually met. Bringing them together in a stimulating, structured environment for an intensive period of team coaching can have a remarkable effect on team cohesion and the implementation of best practice across different countries.

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The RTC staff “were very encouraging and positive throughout the team coaching process and created an environment that felt non-threatening. I am definitely more confident as a result. I also come to understand what my strengths and weaknesses are and that has given me a new level of confidence in my abilities.”

Max Benson, Co-Founder/Director, Everywoman Ltd