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Ros Taylor CEO

Constantly in demand as a coach, speaker and leadership expert internationally, Ros Taylor is a renowned writer, author and presenter. She frequently appears on television and radio as the voice of corporate coaching. A highly respected academic and visiting professor at Strathclyde Business School, it’s not surprising that she was named one of the UK’s top ten corporate coaches by The Independent on Sunday.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading psychologists, Ros  devises programmes, workshops and courses that get tangible results for senior executives, management teams and the companies that employ them.

Extensive research including interviews with 80 of the FTSE 200’s top CEOs and her own instinctive business acumen mean Ros is uniquely placed to identify areas for improvement and implement practical and transforming solutions that really work.

She is hugely charismatic with a perceptive and empathetic approach to getting the very best out of people. It is this fundamental ethos of unlocking the potential of individuals and allowing them to flourish way beyond their expectations has become the backbone of RTC and everything the company stands for:

‘Confidence or the lack of it has been at the heart of every challenge I have seen in corporate life. That abrasive boss, the reticent colleague, the palpitations before a presentation, the reluctance to hire people better than you – they are all intimately bound up with confidence. The good news is that confidence is a learnable skill.’

Varry Mcmenemy - Ros Taylor Company

Varry McMenemy – Development Director

Varry McMenemy is the former Managing Director of Bellcom Worldwide and is a veteran of the contact centre industry both in the UK and across Europe. Varry complements the existing team at Ros Taylor Company, and is helping to further develop the organisation in not only Britain but also internationally.

Hugely enthusiastic about business, Varry is a former President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and continues to play a key role at Board level and is the founder of the hugely successful President’s Club. She is even more passionate about people however, and their importance within the organisation remains at the core of everything that she does.

Regardless of whether it is work related or within her personal sphere, the one thing that you will notice about Varry is her boundless enthusiasm and positive outlook! She has a collaborative and innovative approach when working with clients and consistently delivers effective solutions, particularly in difficult market conditions.

Eileen Harris - Ros Taylor Company

Dr Eileen Harris, Ph.D.

Dr Eileen Harris has over 8 years’ experience teaching and carrying out research and currently works for Carleton University. During this time, her focus was the psychology of learning with an emphasis on the role of interpersonal communication in the learning process.

A former CEO, Eileen credits her time as an entrepreneur as the beginning of her coaching career. Having grown a start-up company into a successful firm that was bought by a large multinational corporation, many lessons in leadership were learned. “To get the best from your people, you have to inspire, not force.” A career in coaching was a natural progression.

Eileen was part of the first cohort who graduated from the Corporate Coach International coaching school and began coaching immediately. She has worked with CEOs and senior managers across a variety of sectors including pharmaceutical, insurance and manufacturing as well as MBA programmes. Coaching in Canada, the USA and the UK, she is lead coach for RTC USA.

Eileen is Director of Learning with Ros Taylor Company and supports CCI participants to achieve Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7. Eileen loves to work with people and gets immense satisfaction from coaching. It is her belief that the needs of clients should drive business development in a very practical way.