Bringing balance to corporate leadership.

Shape the women who are going to lead your business

At RTC, we extol the irrefutable business case that workplaces and board rooms are greatly enhanced by the presence of motivated, focused and influential women.

This course has been developed specifically to develop the skills of your senior female executives. WOMEN AS LEADERS® provides the self-awareness and tools to help women grow their confidence, identify big picture opportunities, seek advancement by taking on more responsibilities and ultimately gain earned promotion.

Who will get the most from WOMEN AS LEADERS®?

Female managers aspiring to:

  • lead larger teams
  • lead larger business units
  • lead projects globally, virtually or in a matrix management structure
  • contribute knowledge and skills at board level.

What makes WOMEN AS LEADERS® a game-changer for your organisation?

This course will equip your next generation of women leaders with the confidence and skills to navigate challenges, lead their teams, and own their success.

By working with Ros Taylor Company, a leading authority on the development of women as leaders, you will also be demonstrating your active support of diversity within your organisation.

What advantages will WOMEN AS LEADERS® give your senior women? 

Your senior women will:

  • Enjoy an executive 360° assessment plus psychometric analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses and coaching to understand their personal leadership strengths.
  • Gain confidence in taking risks, making difficult decisions and delivering tough messages.
  • Develop the capabilities needed for strategic leadership and dealing with decision-making glitches.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with challenging people, conflict and criticism.
  • Understand how to manage limiting beliefs and the importance of reaching for opportunity.
  • Have space to consider their career drivers.
  • Understand how their diversity of thought can be used to strengthen relationships internally and externally.
  • Know how to stimulate creative thinking in themselves and others.
  • Have the opportunity to extend their network within your organisation and keep the learning journey going.

What is the format of the programme?

WOMEN AS LEADERS® can be run as a tailored programme or a series of Masterclasses. It is ideal for larger organisations looking to turn lasting behaviour change into outstanding company performance.

Tailored courses begin with a focus group to identify needs and goals in advance of the programme. Together we formulate objectives and KPIs to evaluate the success of the programme.

Then participants benefit from:

  • An executive level 360° assessment from relevant colleagues, managers and directors. Psychometric analysis and a one-to-one session with an RTC coach to discuss the results
  • Followed by 6 group sessions over 9 months, or 3 group sessions over 4 months with peers from the organisation.
  • Interspersed with monthly individual coaching sessions from a personal coach who has been matched to each individual’s skillsets, location or aspirations.

Find out more

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