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At RTC, we extol the irrefutable business case that workplaces and board rooms are greatly enhanced by the presence of motivated, focused and influential women.

Through a series of monthly sessions or a shorter programme of master classes, Our Women As Leaders ™ course empowers women within the corporate environment to build their own personal brand through increased confidence, develop their ability to identify big picture opportunities, seek advancement by taking on more responsibilities and ultimately gain earned promotion.

RTC is a corporate and leadership consultancy like no other. We are fully accountable for the results we achieve and in turn make those engaging with our services accountable in achieving actual, outcome based results. By transforming people, we enable cultural shifts within businesses, creating a long term legacy of economic benefit.

Our business was founded over 30 years ago by Ros Taylor, one of the UK’s leading psychologists, authors and presenters. Using pioneering psychological techniques within the context of leadership coaching, RCT are fully ILM7 accredited and devise programmes, courses and workshops in the UK and overseas.

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Women as Leaders Key Benefits

The women who have been on the Women As Leaders™ programme have experienced many benefits:

  • A clearer understanding of the challenges facing them when moving into senior positions
  • An opportunity to step back and consider what needs to be done to ensure good leadership practices and individual aspirations, including insights about what is important in life and career
  • Exploring the latest thinking in leadership and engaging in group discussions
    and individual coaching to address any challenges using practical frameworks
  • A unique opportunity to differentiate between gender issues and organisational issues through working with a group of female leaders experiencing similar challenges
  • An opportunity to discover where women need to change and what needs to change in the organisation’s practices and culture for women to advance
  • A chance to explore the role senior leaders have in developing the widest possible talent pool
  • Access to a network of female professionals for future collaboration
  • Promotion and awards

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Women As Leaders ™ Programme Content

The programme combines a series of psychometric profiling, group sessions and individual coaching to ensure that the women derive maximum support in order to benefit from their learning.

The content is relevant to the challenges facing women who aspire to move into senior leadership positions:

  • Leading differently as a woman by capitalising on female strengths
  • Pursuing personal aspirations and value as a leader
  • Steering a path in a male dominated organisation
  • Networking and influencing for success
  • Increasing personal impact
  • Becoming resilient and relaxed as a female leader
  • Leading by being creative and innovative

The Women As Leaders ™ programme helps women to think positively about developing leadership practices that are best suited to their cultural context as well as enabling them to develop skills which fit their personal values and preferences.

It also helps them develop the knowledge and mind-set to overcome barriers to success, to increase their opportunities for promotion and career progression.

Women As Leaders ™ integrates leading edge research with participants’ personal experiences to provide practical learning about leadership and how to navigate complex executive roles.